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1 Regarding deposit of Affiliation Fee and Enrollment of Students by DHP colleges. pdf [8.67 MB] Language :Hindi New News 08/09/2023 00:00:00
2 Important notice regarding getting DHP Colleges mapped on the portal and providing the desired records and details. pdf [382 KB] Language :Hindi New News 30/08/2023 00:00:00
3 Regarding depositing fee and uploading affidavit for affiliation of Academic Session 2023-24. pdf [535 KB] Language :Hindi New News 28/08/2023 00:00:00
4 Important notice regarding Fee Deposit and uploading of Affidavit for affiliation for Academic Session 2023-24. pdf [541 KB] Language :Hindi New News 22/08/2023 00:00:00
5 Important notice regarding uploading details on DHP College login portal. pdf [595 KB] Language :Hindi New News 22/08/2023 00:00:00
6 View Result for Session 2019-21 (Part II) Language :English New News 18/08/2023 17:00:00
7 Regarding issue of affiliation of Diploma in Homeopathic Pharmacist course for Academic Session 2023-24 (1st year 2023-24 and 2nd year 2024-25 in Diploma course). pdf [10.5MB] Language :Hindi News 04/08/2023 00:00:00
8 In relation to providing the necessary information for further action regarding issuance of the Nomination and Conducting the Examination of DHP Session 2020-22. pdf [165 KB] Language :Hindi News 28/07/2023 00:00:00
9 Information regarding filling of college/office profile pdf [211 KB] Language :Hindi News 20/07/2023 16:00:00
10 Regarding updating the information on the online format provided for board website updating on the DHP college login portal till 22.07.2023. pdf [109 KB] Language :Hindi News 19/07/2023 18:00:00
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