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Details of the Fee Charged by the Board

  • Details of the Fee Charged by the Board
  • S.No. Particular Fee
    1. Registration Application Form Fee Rs.200.00
    2. Registration Fee Rs.2500.00
    3. Registration Certificate Duplicate Copy Fee Rs.1250.00
    4. Temporary Registration Fee Rs.1000.00
    5. Verification Fee of Degree and Diploma issued by other provinces for registration Rs.1500.00
    6. Postal Expense of sending Temporary/Permanent Registration Certificate Rs.50.00
    7. Education/Qualification Upgradation fee Rs.750.00
    8. Fee for duplicate copy of B.M.S./G.H.M.S./Compounders Marksheet Rs.200.00
    9. Compounder Certificate Fee Rs.500.00
    10. Fee for Duplicate copy of Compounder Certificate Rs.500.00
    11. Fee for Duplicate copy of B.M.S. Diploma Certificate Rs.1000.00
    12. Fee for temporary registration of Pharmacists/Compounders Rs.250.00
    13. Fee for permanent registration of Pharmacists/Compounders Rs.2500.00
    14. Compounder Examination Fee Rs.5000.00
    15. Identity Card Fee/Duplicate Copy/Renewal Fee Rs.250.00

    Office Address

    Homoeopathic Medicine Board, U.P.
    2 Nabi Ullah Road, Near City Station,

    Quick Contact

    Phone No. - 0522-2618850,
    Fax No. - 0522-2616638
    Email :

    Technical Support

    Phone No. - 0522-4150500
    Timing - 10:00 AM - 05:30 PM on Working Days

    The office of Homoeopathic Medicine Board, Uttar Pradesh remains open from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
    Board remains closed on Saturday, Sunday and Gazetted holidays.

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