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After independence, Homoeopathy acts were executed in various states including Uttar Pradesh Homoeopathy Medicine Act 1951, Madhya Pradesh Homoeopathy Medicine Act 1953, Delhi Act 1956, Maharashtra Homoeopathy Act 1951, Bihar Homoeopathy Act 1953, West Bengal Homoeopathy Act 1963 and state governments accelerated the growth of Homoeopathy science.

Other states also got influenced from the development oriented approach of these states and governments initiated making of Homoeopathy Acts. Homoeopathy councils were constituted and efforts made towards development of Homoeopathy science. This action resulted as a chain and gradually Homoeopathy acts were executed in other states too.

In Chandigarh Homoeopathy council was established in 1970 and in Rajasthan Homoeopathy Act was passed and executed in 1973. Later central government also executed Homoeopathy Central Council Act in 1973 with the objective to ensure equality and uniformity in Homoeopathy education all over India. In this act, a special provision was added to register all the Homoeopathy doctors on a national platform. Now, these doctors can practice in other states with the consent of concerned state.

The provision has been made with the vision to spread feel of socialism in all the Homoeopathy doctors. In present pattern, only those Homoeopathy doctors registered, who are enlisted and eligible according to the 2nd and 3rd Appendix of Central Homoeopathy Council Act 1973.

In Uttar Pradesh, Medical Council was constituted in 1953 and under this council 13,251 doctors were registered based on their work duration till 1958.

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